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Tervetuloa tutustumaan uusiin kotisivuihini ja uuteen blogiini, joka on Hullujen teekutsujen luonnollinen jatkumo. Uudessa blogissani kirjoitan pääasiassa itsetuntemukseen, elämäntaitoon, arkipäivän henkisyyteen, tietoiseen läsnäoloon, itsensä rakastamiseen ja kokonaisvaltaiseen hyvinvointiin liittyvistä asioista. Blogin avajaisten kunniaksi arvon myös lähiaikoina lukijoiden kesken ihania luonnonkosmetiikkatuotteita. Toivottavasti nähdään siellä!


Design Mug of Kate Winslet

Last week I rejoiced too early and wasted my soon to be fading strength to trivial matters. The sickness got me harder. I just lied like a rag and was not able to do anything. But I'm not going to say another word about health conditions anymore. Promise.

It has been very nice to be away from the computer though. If I could, I'd never use another electronical machine in my life ever again. I don't like electricity. It makes my palms tingle in the most unpleasant way and my eyes... no. No health or any other descriptions about my well being or in that case unwell being. I have problems to thinks straight it seems. I wish I could still blame the fever, but no.

I was going to tell about preferring old fashioned writing equipments to computers. I do have them, of course, what Mistress of Magic would I be without a few proper feather quill penns and some good murky ink bottles, but since I am unable to use them like a Quick-Quotes Quill, computer is faster and closer to magic.

I don't like internet either, can you believe it? I love the people in there, floating around in the vast space full of bits and data, digressing sometimes to meet me at a certain intellectual level. Like coming for a cup of tea inside my mind. Intriguing. By the way, we are having Mate tea called "Hot Dance" at the moment. And the cups are the same design as Kate Winslett uses, Iittala Taika-mugs (Taika means Magic!), mine are blue though, but very large and very beautiful!

Kate Winslet and Iittala's Taika-mug (SPLASH NEWS)

I have a name day today. So lets raise our high design tea mugs for that. I graced it also by making a new layout to this site. Vintage green, my favourite, like a tapestry of Slytherin prefect room. At least in my imagination. And because I have not been able to write for too many days, my head is exploding new ideas to pour out. But first things first. I promised to write something about Twilight and I like to keep my promises. This was only a start. Like wiping the desk clean before actual writing.

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  1. Oh Aura I am a teacupaholic I think I have around 35 different ones now with matching or close to matching saucers. Granted I have a vast plan for all of this but their is something just simple and charming about seeing them even if you dont use them I think. Especially the older ones. It is sad the quality of tea cups made today on the whole. I am starting a blog soon and I will show of some of my cups there. I hope you come and see it. Much love and miss you feel better . <3 Kristan

  2. Hello Kristan! How sweet of you to visit my blog, and comment too. You are so right about the bad quality of the modern tea cups, but those Iittala's Taika mugs (I now have them in both colors) are wonderful exception. I also have huge amount of tea cups, thanks for the idea, I might present them here in some post.

    Love, Aura

  3. Do it! I would love to see them!


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