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Actively Sick

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I have been sick for a few days, fever and such. I will not bore you with the details of my condition, but it did contain headache, cold chills and tiredness. Uups... sorry. I intended to write about something else.

I have been wondering why is it that I always seem to accomplish so much when it's not expected and so little when I'm obliged to. Is it some sort of twisted sense of duty? When I have to I can't and when it's necessity I'm unable. But, when I'm sick and it would be absolutely understandable and utterly acceptable to just loll in my bed doing nothing, I will not. Instead I do all the jobs that I possibly can, especially those that I can't do if I'm under a pressure and haunted by the deadline.

The explanation can't be the most obvious; that I'm home when I'm sick. I mostly work at home, so I'm there all the time. I've come to the conclusion that it's because of two things; When I'm sick, I'm already suffering, so taking care of all the unpleasant tasks will not spoil my day. And, in the case I happen to die, wouldn't it be gross to let all that blizzard of neglected businesses (including dirty laundry and huge amount of mold growing dishes) behind me and on the shoulders of my family.

Not very interesting story, huh? Blame my fever. I try to write about something else next time.

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  1. I understand that restless sort of feeling when you have been sick for a long time and are trapped inside so to speak. After awhile you just sort of get cabin fever and you have to do something to get your mind off the fact that you are sort of like a rat in a cage.We always have to get onto my mother for cleaning excessively when she has bronchitis. Getting hot cleaning just makes it worse but she just cant seem to sit still.

    As for the dirty clothes and moldy dishes if you were to die it would be unfair if people came into your home and saw the mess and labeled you a hoarder or something awful so perhaps a little cleaning is for the best. That or die holding a bottle of household cleaner and a sponge. Then they at least could think you were trying.

    Either way don't die I like you better alive. Dead people tell no tales.


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